Ginkgo: Second thoughts on ginkgo tincture

by Paul Bergner

Medical Herbalism 7(1-2):25

In our Spring Quarter 1994 issue (Vol 6 no 1) we cited a study showing that an alcohol tincture of Ginkgo biloba was effective in tinnitus. We even made a point that this study was the only one we were aware of that did not use a 24% flavonoid-standardized ginkgo extract. We reported this because the trial substance was listed as an alcohol extract on the NAPRALERT database. Kerry Bone of Australia has kindly sent us the original article, in both French and English, and it seems the item tested in the trial was in fact the standardized extract [l’extrait de Ginkgo biloba (EGb 761 LP.S.E.N.,)] not an alcohol extract. The misunderstanding may have arisen because the liquid form of the extract (1 ml = 40 mg) was used rather than the solid form (1 tablet = 40 mg) the dose was. The equivalent of 160 mg a day.
Copyright 2001 Paul Bergner 

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