Lobelia: Some historical doses

by Paul Bergner

Medical Herbalism 10(1-2):25

Some historical doses of Lobelia and lobeline

Form     Dose                 Source                 Lobeline equivalent

Powdered     36 grains (about 1.5 tsp)     Alleged lethal dose (Letheby)         9 mg oral

        4 tsp             Alleged lethal dose (Tyng)          20 mg oral

        One-ounce         Dose retained without emesis (Cook)     115 mg oral

        one-half ounce, repeated

        daily, 28 days         For tuberculosis (Coffin)             58 mg/day oral

        10-20 grains         Standard allopathic dose ( USP)         5.2 mg oral

        30 grains         Safe dose for treatment of asthma (Wood)     7.6 mgoral

Tincture     3 Tablspoons         Dose used by Cutler to cureasthma (Thacher) 9.6 mgoral

        3 Tablespoons/3 ounces/day

        for seven days         Dose used by Tulley of Yale (Cook; Colby) 25.6 mg/day

        1 Teaspoon-        Dose for asthma treatment (Thacher, Bigelow) 3.2 mg oral

        60 drops         Safe pediatric dose (Thacher, 1817)      1 mg oral

        2 ounces (estimate)     Retained dose administered by enema (Jones) 17 mg oral

Lobelia seed pediatric use, four ounces

in seven hours             Dose retained without emesis (Cook)     460 mg oral

Lobeline suit. 2 mg/oral dose; 6mg/day Non-prescription smoking deterrent (PDR)     6 mg/ day oral

Lobeline Hcl 10-20 mg/i.m dose     Emergency respiratory stimulant (Gisvold)     20 mg i.m.
Copyright 2001 Paul Bergner  

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