Urtica clinical study -- Nettle sting and arthritis

by Jill Hoppe

Medical Herbalism 11(3):10

In 1999, researchers at Plymouth Postgraduate Medical School in Plymouth, UK., conducted an exploratory study on the use of nettle (Urtica dioica) sting for joint pain. Eighteen people that used nettle therapy were interviewed. According to the authors, “all except one respondent were sure that nettles had been very helpful and several considered themselves cured.” The authors conclude that the nettle sting is a useful, safe and inexpensive therapy, which warrants further investigation.

Randall C, Meethan K, Randall H, Dobbs F. Nettle sting of Urtica dioica for joint pain—an exploratory study of this complementary therapy. Complement Ther Med 1999 Sep;7(3):126-31

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