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Female - Premenstrual syndrome classifications

    Subgroup        Symptoms        Mechanisms        Prevalence (%)

    PMS A            Anxiety        High Estrogen        65-70%

                Irritability        Low Progesterone

                Mood Swings

                Nervous Tension

    PMS C            Food Cravings        Low Prostaglandin    25-35%

                Headache        PGE1




                Increased Appetite

    PMS D            Depression        Low Estrogen        23-37%

                Crying            High Progesterone

                Forgetfulness        Elevated Aldosterone



    PMS     H        Fluid Retention    Elevated Aldosterone    65-72%

                Weight Gain

                Breast Tenderness

                Abdominal Distention

                Swollen Hands and Feet
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    Medical Herbalism: Clinical Articles and Case Studies

              (Adapted from the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine by Murray and Pizzorno, Prima Publishing, 1990)
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