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Female - case two - fibroids

by Chanchal Cabrera, MNIMH

Medical Herbalism 09-30-93 5(3): 5-6, 7


First visit: 1 April 1993

The presenting problem was a possible fibroid. Since June 1992 she had had persistent, worsening menorrhagia and metrorrhagia, and was presently bleeding for up to 21 days a month. Cramps were minimal but there was a nagging feeling of heaviness and fullness in the lower abdomen. An ultrasound had revealed the probability of a submucosal fibroid but further examination under general anaesthetic was recommended. It was also suggested that if a fibroid was present they would try to remove it and save the uterus, or if no fibroid was present they would cauterize the endometrial lining. Ms, S..was most anxious to avoid this procedure if at all possible. She had consented to a pre-operative medication (Nafarelin - a gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue)to regulate the bleeding. It had not improved the situation at all and for the first time ever she had had severe cramping pain with the period. She had discontinued the treatment because of this.

From the heavy bleeding she had developed a functional hypochromic and microcytic anemia. Her RBC count was 3.52 (normal range 3.8 - 5.10 tera/L), her hemoglobin was 107 (normal range 118 - 154 g/L) and her hematocrit was 0.33 (normal range 0.34 - 0.45).

There was also a history of thyroid dysfunction. A goiter had developed in 1976 and her thyroid hormone levels had been slightly below average since then.

Her sleep was normally good but sometimes she would wake with a hot flash.

She worked as a chemical engineer and really liked her job. Her home life was happy and she was generally not over-stressed.



Achillea millefolium (yarrow)             15 ml

Capsella bursa-pastoris (shepherd’s purse)     15 ml

Fucus vesiculosis (bladderwrack)         10 ml

Vitex agnus-castus (chaste tree)             15 ml

Angelica sinensis (angelica)             15 ml
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    Medical Herbalism: Clinical Articles and Case Studies    

Chamaelirium luteum (false unicorn root)     15 ml

Lamium album (archangel)              15 ml

100 mls. X 3 weeks

sig. 5 mls.. rid. aq. cal. a.c.


Urtica dioica (sitnging nettle)             25 g

Leonurus cardiaca (motherwort)         25 g

Mitchella repens (squaw vine)             25 g

Rubus idaeus (garden raspberry)         25 g

sig. 1 tsp.: 1 cup water tid.

Liquid iron formula (Floradix).

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids to bowel tolerance.

Dietary guidance for anemia.

Second visit: 20 April 1993

She had just started a menstrual period after 3 weeks on the herbal formula and the period had been slightly better, with less heavy bleeding. She was feeling an increase in energy. She had postponed her operation for 2 months.


Repeat of the above tincture formula and tea. Repeat also of the iron and vitamin C supplements.

Third visit: 27 May 1993

The menstruation immediately after the last visit had been quite heavy and with considerable clotting but lasted only 8 days. The next menstruation had been significantly lighter and the clotting was noticeably reduced. Her hemoglobin count had increased to 10.1 g/dl., and she had cancelled the operation that was scheduled. She had been working up to 12 hours a day on the computer and was feeling less than her usual energy. Regular reflexology treatments had revealed a reduction in tenderness over the points for the uterus and ovaries.

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    Medical Herbalism: Clinical Articles and Case Studies

Repeat of the above tincture formula and tea. Repeat also of the iron and vitamin C supplements.

Fourth visit: 27 June 1993

The last 2 menstrual periods had both been 27 day cycles with 6 days of bleeding. The menorrhagia was greatly reduced and the clotting was minimal. She still felt a lack of energy and we discussed cleansing and detoxification diets. I recommended that she spend a week eating only raw foods to prepare her body for a period of fruit or vegetable juice fasting.


The herbal formula was repeated but the dose reduced to 5 mls. bid. The herbal tea, the iron and the vitamin C supplements were repeated. She was also given blue-green algae and a psyllium seed, bentonite clay and Arctium lappa/Rumex crispus/Althea off. mixture for intestinal cleansing.

Fifth visit: 29 July 1993

She reported that the haemoglobin count had risen to 11.9 g/dl which is within the range of normal. She also reported having had no hot flashes since beginning the herbal treatment. The last period was 27 days with 5 days of bleeding, not very heavily.

She had been exposed to chlorine gas at work and had been feeling nauseous and tired with a chronic headache since then. I urged her to follow through on the fasting program and to be sure to take extra chlorophyll to aid in the removal of toxic chemicals form the body.


The herbal formula was repeated but the dosage was reduced to 5 mls. sd. The tea and vitamin C were repeated but she was instructed to continue to boost her iron levels by including iron rich foods in the diet.

Sixth visit: 2 September 1993

She had completed a 3 day vegetable juice fast preceded and followed by 3 days of raw fruits and vegetables only. She had experienced some chills and white coating on the tongue during this, but bowel movements had been kept regular with the use of the psyllium mixture. She had also experienced plummeting energy during the fast but now, a week after completing the fast she was “feeling fantastic.” Her last period had been 28 days with 5 days of normal bleeding. The swelling of the thyroid gland had visibly reduced during the cleansing program. I asked her to return to her doctor to get a new blood work-up done.

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    Medical Herbalism: Clinical Articles and Case Studies    

The herbal formula was repeated at 5 mls. sd. and the tea was repeated. She was advised not to re-book at this time but to return for more herbal tea when needed. It was suggested that she continue to drink the tea for several more months. I also asked her to telephone me with the results of any blood work so that I could close the file.
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