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Immune - Cold and flu

by Paul Bergner

from The Healing Power of Echinacea and Goldenseal (Prima Publishing 1997

Herbs to use in the stages of a cold

Prevention: Use during cold season if you are particularly susceptible to catching cold.

Echinacea, garlic, astragalus, reishi

Epidemics: Use when a flu is “going around” or when you have been exposed. Use smaller doses.

Echinacea, garlic, osha, boneset, elderberry juice

First onset: Use when you feel the first symptoms coming on.

Echinacea (large doses), osha (large doses), boneset, elderberry juice or tea.

Full blown: Use when a cold or flu is solidly established

Boneset, elderberry juice or tea, echinacea (smaller doses, repeated every two hours)

Complicated: Use when complications, such as bacterial infections, appear or the cold suddenly seems to go “deeper” into the system

Boneset and elderberry are especially important. If mucous membranes have stopped flowing freely and are infected, or if green or yellow mucous begins to appear, use goldenseal.

Lingering: When low-grade symptoms persist after the otherwise normal course of the cold.

Boneset, elderberry, echinacea, or, if mucous membranes are involved, goldenseal.
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