Wise Woman Herbals, Inc.

Founded by Sharol Tilgner, N.D., in 1989, Wise Woman Herbals offers many services to our customers including:

A Variety of Products
We have over 450 different herbal products, which we formulate and manufacture to the highest standards and quality. Wise Woman Herbals carries more than 275 single herb liquid extracts, plus conbinations, salves, glycerites, capsules, suppositories, elixers, essential oils, solid extracts, and videos.
Botanical Consultations with Dr. Sharol Tilgner, N.D.
This service is free to Wise Woman Herbals customers. Dr. Tilgner is available for assistance in creating custom herbal formulas, and answering questions related to the use of botanicals.
Custom Formulations
At your request, we will custom blend tincture, salve and suppository formulas. Custom formulas will be made to your specifications, including custom labeling, dosing, and compounding. Just let us know how we can assist you.
Call Wise Woman Herbals at 541-895-5152 for more information

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