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Online medical and scientific databases

Free Online MEDLINE database of the National Library of Medicine. PubMed, by the NLM, is completely free, and extremely easy to search. 

Karolinska Institute (Swedish National Medical Resource Library) The institute has the most extensive set of research, journal, and history of medicine links in the world. A must-visit for the medical researcher. Has links for hundreds of freely available scientific and medical E-Books.

AGRICOLA AGRICOLA is a gigantic agricultural data base under the wing of the USDA and has over 3 million data entries. Many botanical research articles that MEDLINE misses can be found here.

Virology on the WWW Links maintained by Tulane University

WWW Biosciences Index Conventional biosciences (biology, medicine, genetics, neurobiology, pharmacology, immunology, agriculture, forestry, etc.).

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Medical Herbalism. Introductory, Advanced, Clinical. CE Available.

FIRST COURSE IN MEDICAL HERBALISM With Resources Kit. Learn 14 herbs, Make your own herbal medicines.

CLASSROOM EDUCATION Medical Herbalism. Advanced and Clinical Programs. Occupational Certification.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health and Harmony C