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Volumes 12-14, 2001-2005

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Volume 12 Number 1 - Winter 2001

Nourishing the Nerves: Specific Medication. Deborah Frances RN, ND

Premenstrual Syndrome. Chanchal Cabrera MNIMH, AHG

Cardiotoxic effects of Blue Cohosh on a fetus. Paul Bergner, RH(AHG)

The Rh Factor and Herbal Abortions. Kari Radoff, Clinical Herbalist

Valerian Trials By Jill Hoppe, Clinical Herbalist

Volume 12 Number 2 - March 2001

The Adaptogens. by Deborah Frances, RN, ND

Herbal First Aid for the Clinician. 7Song

Adverse effects to Kava (Piper methysticum) by Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Clinical Correspondence: Nervines. David Winston, RH(AHG)

St. Johnswort and major depression: a critical review of the JAMA trial. Jill Hoppe, Clinical Herbalist, Paul Bergner, RH(AHG)

Volume 12 Number 3 - Fall 2001

Side effects of the top medicinal herbs: Part 1. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Little known uses of common medicinal plants. David Winston, RH(AHG)

Kava Update and Correction. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Female Reproductive System Herbs Compared. Sharol Tilgner, ND

The energetics of some herbal pairs in Unani Tibb. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Volume 12 Number 4 – Spring 2002

Managing Hepatitis C with Western Botanicals and Other Natural Therapies. Donna Odierna, MS, AHG

Adverse effects of the top medicinal herbs Part II. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Liver Herbs Compared. David Winston RH(AHG)

Herbal Pairing with Black Cohosh. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Volume 13 Number 1 – Fall 2002

Botanical Approaches to Hypothyroidism: Avoiding Supplemental Thyroid Hormone. Deborah Frances, RN., ND.

The Adverse Effects of Herbs Part III. Paul Bergner, RH(AHG)

Case study: Premenopausal menorrhagia. Cascade Anderson Geller

Tree Medicine from Tommie Bass. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Volume 13 Number 2 – Winter 2002

Herbs and insulin resistance by Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Asthma case study. Chanchal Cabrera, MNIMH., MSc.

Scullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) by Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Volume 13 Number 3 – Spring 2003

Sleep debt: pathophysiology and natural therapeutics. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Oxymel: The forgotten preparation for coughs. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Ginkgo and memory in normal elders. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Panax and eleutherococcus in athletes. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Mixed media: A review of Kava safety reports. Jill Hoppe, Clinical Herbalist

Volume 13 Number 4 - Fall 2003.pdf

Chronic sinusitis. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

West Nile: From the Front Lines. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Boneset and Influenza: Historical notes and commentary. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Book Review: Herbal Vade Mecum. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Volume 14 Number 1 – Spring 2004

Epstein Barr Virus Case Study. Kathy Plache, Clinical Herbalist

Breast Cancer Case Studies. Chanchal Cabrera, MNIMH., AHG, MSc

Holistic Approach to Cancer Treatment. Chanchal Cabrera, MNIMH., AHG, MSc

Volume 14 Number 2 - Fall 2004

Immunity: Herbal Medicine and the TH1/TH2 Balance. by Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Case Report: West Nile Fever with Meningitis. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Recent Echinacea trials. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Book Reviews. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Volume 14 Number 3 – Spring 2005

Antiviral Botanicals in Herbal Medicine. Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Grapefruit Seed Extract. Todd Caldecott, Dip. Cl.H., RH(AHG)

Clinical Correspondence: Lung Cancer. Michael Tierra R,H,. O.M.D.

Volume 14 Number 4 – Winter 2005

Allergic rhinitis. by Paul Bergner RH(AHG)

Case Report: Staph infection promoted by an herbal salve. Paul Bergner RH(AHG), Tanya Carwyn NAIMH.

Clinical Correspondence: Grapefruit Seed Extract. 7Song

Clinical Correspondence: Antiviral Herbs by Matthew Alfs

Cilantro, Chlorella, and Heavy Metals. John Millet NAIMH, C.Hom.

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